Monday 15 November 2010

Back home and rested

Ahhh, feeling good after a nice afternoon nap and having finished my final report of the three day journey to Tuebingen. Although it was quite a challenge to nap after Detlef gave me a four shot cappuccino in his excitement of having his own cappuccino machine back; odd feeling of having tired eyes, but the heart pounding.

However, although short, it was a trip we both needed. It was great to not have work on our minds, see friends, drink wine and get a bit of perspective back on life. I realised that I just love writing and that it is the most enjoyable thing to sit at a breakfast table, with my little netbook, and feeling like a journalist. Awww... , want more of that! Now all I have to do is to find people who actually are interested in reading my stuff and who give me feedback.

Oh well, early days...

... until tomorrow dears!

PS: The articles of the trip in one place
ILP-Diary: Meeting Kerstin
ILP-Travel: Lovely town of Tuebingen
ILP-Nutrition: The wine fair
ILP-Travel: The final leg of the journey

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