Monday, 8 November 2010

Teeth suck!

I believe that Evolution had the financial benefit of dentists in mind when inventing teeth. It's true! According to The Guardian 654 dentists in England and Wales earned more than a quarter of a million pounds in 2009. I know that my friend would wish to be among them, but in general dentists do earn a lot of money.

And it is an odd job, don't you think? Children hate you - you can't even give them sweets at the end of their appointment as this would be sort of counterproductive, and adults don't particularly like you either except for the big house and the Merc in front of it, hence the status you add to their own portfolio when you show up for their dinners.

Evolution must have some weird, twisted mind to invent teeth. Probably one day it was sitting at a beach, a bit bored after all the evolving it already had done and thinking about what to do next. Maybe a tortoise came waddling by giving it a big grin, and it may have thought: Wouldn't it be great if there were loads of white pearl like things lined up along that rim, and let's make it a bit fleshier, yes lips would look sexy!

But that's the thing that happens when you start changing the design without thinking it trough. The white pearls keep falling off unless you root them in and then you might want to make them last for a lifetime so you add some nerves - great, really great idea - and then gums are needed to bed it all in, but unfortunately providing nice bedding for viruses and bacteria as well. The tortoises rim was perfectly fine, but NO! one had to temper with it, didn't one?

And now that Evolution has left us with it's mad invention it did what every good businessman does, it leaves us with the deputy - the dentist - and moves on to the next better job. I recently heard that at the moment it is working on our gut.

Yeah... I was at the dentist today had a new filling done... sorry for the rant...

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