Friday 11 May 2012

Blogger Madness

Hello everybody on this wonderful Friday morning, on which I actually saw a bit of sunshine. It is a bit of an odd spring; we have a hosepipe ban, it has been raining for a good four weeks almost flat out and the gardens are growing like mad. Thanks to the rain one hardly finds a slot to at least mow the lawn, something which even is worth a Facebook post, but then: What is not?

So, what else is new? Well, I have a lot of plans and gradually working my way through it all. 

There is my beloved subject of Tangkahan. I created a new blog for it, which raises the number of blogs to 16, thus you might imagine that not a lot is happening on quite a few of them. The charity blog will receive a bit of attention in the future, though. I am working my way through some paperwork to create a charity for projects like the 'Thangkahan Education Centre'. The sweets piggy is already collecting money for this new cause, people in the office are genuinely excited about what I want to achieve at that front, and I got a lot of good advice and feedback already.

The challenges blog is really screaming at me 'Bloody Hell... what did I do now?', as I have become sluggish. My friend Kash very successfully ran the London Marathon 2012 on 26th April and all the support I provided was basically having a nice day out in London. I did a bit of rowing on my indoor rower and I did a rowing half marathon for Sport Relief for a challenge set in the office, but for the rest of it I pretty much neglected myself.

Now I have to lose two stone and to get my muscles back. And most importantly: I eventually have to come to grips with my Personal Trainer school thing. I am procrastinating as I type as I actually am supposed to call my supervisor to agree on the training and exam plans. What is this? I was so excited about becoming a personal trainer; it was huge fun to train with people in the gym to practise my teaching skills; I was so excited to eventually be able to build my own business...?!?

I really have to do some stretches so that I can kick my own rear!

And then finally - Travelling! I of course will still have to do the Tangkahan updates, but I am a bit stingy about revealing too much. I would like to write an eBook about the whole experience to sell it for the benefit of the project. I am planning to go back to Tangkahan in December and hopefully by then I will be able to drop that egg.

There however is more to come!

Hubby and I will go to Scotland in June. One week of whisky tour with our German friends. The ones we visited for the wine fair in Germany. They are selling whiskeys, too, and they have to stay in good relations with their suppliers. Yay! So, I am hoping for a good look behind the scenes and a lot of scenery as well. 

Then there is a plan to go to Venice in August and to Paris in September. Those are trips with 'the gang' comprising of hubby, me and a bunch of friends... and no! I didn't kill the cats, I found house sitters and cat minders,... I still am feeling nervous about the whole 'leaving cats alone' business; they are old chappies and the possibility of others having to deal with corpses while I am away having a good time, is somewhat unsettling. Well, at least I should get some good travel articles out of it!

That's it for now, procrastination time over... I really have to call that chap!
Have a lovely weekend