Friday 7 October 2011

It's been a while

Hello Dears,

long time no write! I have been keeping myself busy with work, Personal Trainer school, building business, creating charity and family affairs, and when we went out for a meal with friends yesterday one of them poked me about looking tired. I guess grumpy is a better word. I explained a bit and he suggested I'd take some 'Me-time'.

Good idea! But: how is taking time off going to help, when not having time is the problem? He was right of course, stepping back from it all and reflecting is what I have suggested myself more than once in my blogs. My real problem however is, that I like the things I do. At the moment I even like my day job.

Luckily the guy was insistent and made suggestions of how possible Me-time could look like, and my response was: I usually write, and I have not written in month!

There you are, instead of learning about bones and muscles I sitting here with a coffee, writing: The perfect me time!

Have a wonderful weekend,