Friday 26 August 2011

What's new these days?

Hello Dears,

long time to hear, see, or write: So, what IS new these days?

This darn cold that is going round and round, surely isn't. It has been bothering for almost 4 weeks after I came back from my holidays, and I still hear other people wheezing and coughing wherever I go. I used almost all my remedies, and they seemed to ease the worst of the symptoms, but those bugs just wouldn't give in. The UK population seems to be halved, the ones who have it and the ones who don't. I would like to know what the latter did to avoid it, good for them anyway, it kept me from training and it made me grumpy... In my case that means too much junk food.


... I started Personal Trainer school now. Oh my goodness! The teaching training is fun, odd, but fun. Fun, because I can do it without actually really having to think about what to say. My natural talent of bossing people around is kicking in. Odd, because I have to pretend that the bloke I am teaching doesn't know a thing, whereas he is my teacher and definitely trained. Additionally he is about two heads taller than me. Imagine me wearing varifocals, bending backwards to keep eye contact while explaining good posture... tststs...

And then I had a look at the books... most of it sounds rather familiar, but how is one supposed to remember the details? I need to learn how to learn again... Bloody Hell! I hope I had good reasons to start this.

OK, I kinda had a good reason: I want my own business! So I started investigating on how to actually do it. Hmmm?!? There is a lot of information on the Internet, and good information that is, too. The only hiccup is that it doesn't tell me what's the right decision for me... Bloody Hell! I hope I had a good reason for that idea.

O well, I kinda had: I wanted to do something that I really, really like doing. And I have to tell you: I found a few people who are happy to be my guineapigs in the gym and I am training them since a couple of weeks, and I really, really like it! However tired and cough ridden I might feel before I meet them, during the session I can keep my focus, and I am just happy and very comfortable.

And now I found somebody via Facebook who offered to meet me next week and to discuss my business idea with me. He is a friend who I met at work and who now does his own stuff, he is experienced and a brilliant sounding board. If anybody can whip me into business shape, then it's him. Yeeehaw! What else could I wish for?

... a hobby. I have something better: I have found something that almost feels a bit like a calling... not that I all of a sudden would have become religious. It is the little area in North Sumatra called Tangkahan. The wonderful place where I have been during my holidays, and I am determined to go back next year and help build their language school. So far they only meet regularly at a beach, but they are planning to rent a little house, with proper furniture and to create a library. English is a big part of the ticket for the kids to obtain a sustainable lifestyle. To be part of this is a legacy worth striving for.

English School in Tangkahan

Sport wise the focus has changed a bit. So far the national bodybuilding competition in Birmingham is off. If I should be in the right form by accident then I might just go, but I will not specifically prepare for it. Somethings gotta give! To build my business and to work with my clients is more important. I would still like to do the Martlesham 10k, though. I am just not sure if I still have enough time to train. I only had two month anyway, and now 3 weeks got nicked away by this nasty bugger of chest infection. Will have to see.

That's it really... oh, stop! Not entirely!

I have a new office arrangement. New challenges need new time management. I need to make time for all those lessons and find time for learning for exams. I found a need for more flexibility, meaning that I have to be able to access my office wherever I am and whenever I need it. That means laptop... which now happens to be a brand spanking new Macbook air. My pride and joy. Only flip side: It took hubby and me about a week to get everything configured. A lot of my stuff is now sitting in the cloud, meaning it is somewhere on a server and I - potentially - should be able to access everything from everywhere. Well, that at least is the theory. As usual it's the human element limiting the performance of the system, some of that stuff I just don't understand... Hmmm?!? There is a theme evolving. I really have to get the hang of learning new stuff.

At the Apple Temple, Covent Garden

Then a friend had a photo exhibition and used one of the pix he shot of me - Yay!

... and I had my  27th wedding anniversary ...

... so, times are good!