Saturday 3 December 2011

Good to be back!

This was quite a year!

Some of my projects picked up a bit stronger than expected and somehow the blogs slipped off the tail end. No time for my calm morning hour to jot down a few thoughts... oh how I am missing this. I am determined to get it back! 

OK, I will get it back after X-Factor is over. I knew it spelt disaster when I watched it first; now I am hooked to the US as well as the UK series and will have to sit through it. Amazing how one gets attached to the contestants. Another two weeks and I can skip the telly again, no long addictive TV nights anymore, but good night sleep and early mornings.

Not that watching X-Factor would have been my main projects keeping me from writing. Long telly nights are more a symptom of being rather knackered from the daily tasks and just wanting to hang around at night like an ol' cloth on a hook. So, what have I been up to?

Moritz rather bored
Surely not the garden as you can see. The fish survived so far and got fatter. Hope the heron will not catch them this winter. The cats are still there and actually getting on quite well. Good old bully Moritz is getting old now, sometimes a bit wobbly on his feet, and sleeping a lot, while big fat Bimmel is a bit slimmer now, yet still constantly begging for food and still a bit short of breath at times, bless them!

Almost as much as the writing the training has been lacking attention. So the plan for the close future is to get the two things back which I love doing most and which do me good. I am hoping that all my other projects like registering a charity, becoming a personal trainer, building my own business, travelling... will fall into place once my basics are sorted. Step one: The big sugar experiment is starting now! My goodness, those sugar highs and lows are the first things that have to go. 

And for the rest of it: I am wishing you a lovely weekend and very happy Christmas time