Saturday, 20 November 2010

Soooo Excited!

I am going to see Dita Von Teese again. Today, in a  live show! Yippee! We are travelling to London to the Erotica at the Hammersmith Olympia where she will be performing at 6PM.

We, of course hubby is coming with me, almost didn't go. Dita tweeted ... yes, if you are interested in her schedule and anything else, from lipstick shade to her costumes and what restaurants she loves, you should follow her Twitter ... so, she tweeted about the show and I sent it to hubby in case he missed it. Response: It's during a fair.

Oh, ... well then...

Later she tweeted again and it sounded like a stand-alone. Hence I forwarded again. This time the conversation in the Nauck household happened face to face on the staircase, where we met half way: Wanna go? ... Whatya think? ... Thought you might not be intereste in the fair ...  Ohhhmmm ... well, then ...

Now I am sitting here, having to rush a bit:
  • Nails, polished - tick
  • Outfit chosen - tick
  • Shower - oh my, full program still due
  • Hair - oh Lord
  • Make-up - panic mode ...

Thus let's call it a day for today, dears. And stay tuned for my report tomorrow. Might be a bit later during the day, though. A lady needs a bit of beauty sleep once in a while!
Ta ta

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  1. Have a nice evening tonight, Rika.
    Enjoy the show and the workshops.