Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas time!

Show of hands: Who is really looking forward to it? One might be looking forward to bits and pieces, for example to see a certain person... but not some others, unfortunately they only come as package deal. One might like the fact to keep the house clean by travelling, but wrapping up the whole family including the presents well before Christmas... hmmm?

I have been talking to some guys at work and they sounded rather disillusioned: about a month before Christmas the amount of work is increasing to painful levels, as if life is to end on 24th December and everything has to be done by then. No help to be expected from that end then.

So, one might want to sneak in little resting moments, no... not to rest, to think! Take some cuppa time and maybe read my re-vamped article on Emotions, which tend to run high during this time of the year, and maybe you can negotiate the one or the other deal with yourself. Like buying the Christmas desert instead of making this incredibly complicated dish which might not even bring you the credit you are hoping for. Have a good laugh imagining mum's disapproving face - she won't get to you anymore when it happens for real. Do you really have to deep-clean the whole house that will be messed up within seconds once the guests arrive? Just keeping a decent front should do, dim the light down and use some candles...

Taking it easy isn't easy, but it can be learned!

On that note: Have a fabulous run-up to Christmas,

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