Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas and Chemistry

Re-publishing is a really good thing, I am learning from myself. A very interesting effect, that is!

Who would have thought that Christmas is the time to dive into chemical issues. Well, since Heston Blumenthal cooking and food, which somehow are rather important topics in regard to Christmas, did become a chemical matter, but that unfortunately is not what I meant. The bugging kind of thoughts are spiralling more around questions of stress and growth hormones which are built to the wrong levels when we try to 'Cheat the Sandman', with the result of food orgies.

When I re-edited the above article I realised that I had linked another one in... hmmm... this re-publishing thing could become a really interesting mining expedition. So I all of a sudden found myself contemplating again about 'Body & Mind' VS 'Body & Chemistry'.You might have noticed that we don't have such a blog anymore. It is now called 'Health & Beauty' taking the whole spiritual part out of the equation. This was a rather subconscious decision and hence I was quite happy to have stumbled across this article which is adding sense to it.

And now I should see to get to bed, in accordance to what I am preaching... I am trying myself as a proper writer at the moment by publishing something every day. Given that the old articles need a bit of editing and new ones need even more work, I am all to tempted to sit long hours to get everything ready for next morning.

Thus I will now wish you a good morning and a wonderful day as this is due to go out after I had my night of sleep.

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