Thursday 11 November 2010

Who would have thought

Apparently we really can learn a lot from our cats. The bully from one of my previous columns on this matter is not exactly sleeping with the enemy but almost.

What means that now these two play me together. One should think about what one is wishing for. Moritz, the black one, must be something like 12 years now and has settled a bit, although stubborn like hell. He is on prescription food, which tops the prices of 5 star restaurants, because he is in danger of developing a kidney disease. As for humans that means low protein and the right ones. And what does he do? He, the lazy bugger who rarely gets his bum up goes into the garden and catches mice. It shows in his shape, training is a good thing for cats as well!

Bimmel however is too fat and in danger of developing heart problems - yes, you guessed right, he is on a different type of prescription food, but as expensive. It is calorie reduced but not so much in proteins. So the two quickly decided to swap. The respective food courts which before were heavily defended are now shared, still a bit cautiously but nevertheless.

What it teaches me? I am not really sure at the moment. That vets know how to make a living?

Well, at least those two seem to be happy enough for now so that our house sitter should have a fight free house. She might have to catch a few mice though. While Moritz tends to go for the kill, Bimmel usually loses them. So if you see two cats who look like the negative image of each other peering under a shelf, then you know that there is an additional pet in the house.

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