Tuesday 30 November 2010

Not a winter gal

I am herewith claiming that the joy of snowy winter and cosy tea parties is overrated.

No! I am definitely not a winter girl. I believe that people only like snow because it helps brighten up an otherwise rather sad place, and by inventing sportive actions like skiing they only make the best out of a horrible time. I want to wear my heels, I need a tan - my face already has taken the colour of washed out underwear, and no cosy tea party can ever top a BBQ with cold drinks and hot sunshine.

Yes! I am a miserable grump. As are my cats. Rather then going out and hunting for mice, they are sitting inside watching grumpy birds fighting over the food in the garden. They patrol all the exits of the house in the hope that one door might reveal better weather than the other. Smart idea actually; imagine you would have a different climate at the different doors of your house. Aww...

The other winter thing is the food. It's dark, it's cold, so the body thinks that it needs energy and triggers the brain in creating concoctions like my grandma's gorgeous macaroons. Oh well, I wanted to revive my 'How2Kitchen' section anyway, so why not start with those and add a few initial kitchen tips.

Have a good and safe day, and don't go out if you don't have to!

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