Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Good Morning Everybody!

How are things in winter wonderland?  Whooo, it's cold, but pretty. We at least have an early morning sunshine. So weird, two days ago 19 degrees Celsius and I was only in Germany and not the Mediterranean, and now frost. Well, first night at home and back into work mode, it happens so quickly.

I now have to get back on track with the rest of it as well, which usually happens with a bit of a delay. Four days of salty food and loads of sweets and alcohol did the spirit good, but not the body - unfortunately. Legs swollen, tummy bloated; that means strict regime until end of the week. Especially the effect of salt is impressive. When I am talking about it, people are not keen to believe me, and after a while I am starting to think that I might exaggerate a bit. On those occasions these trips which make me slip off my good habits are a good thing. I found that in the area I visited the food in general is rather salty, from restaurants to fast foods; even the standard white bread was worse than our English one, and that means something. And now my legs are swollen to an extent that the skin is starting to hurt and is feeling too tight. So I am not making it up. 

And now it's back to the gym as well. The weird muscle ache from before the trip is gone - no excuses anymore. What else is not new...

I am hoping that my English is somewhat understandable: I am still a bit in 'German mode', the more that I am translating the article about the wine fair at the moment.

... and cats are still swapping their food and are on their way of killing themselves by not sticking to their diet, but what can I do? For the rest of it 'live is good'!

Gotta dash now. Work is calling. Presentation tomorrow and things have to get fixed for it.
Have a great day!
Ta ta

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