Friday, 5 November 2010

Spider News

Yikes! and Eeeek!

I just can't get used to them. I am sure my scream could be heard next door or even at the end of the village. It was a lovely warm night and I was happily sitting in the dark, the only light being shone by the computer screen, window open, soft breeze and a spider walks in. Very calmly walking along the upper rim of my keyboard, taking a little rest there and then slowly moving on to the laptop and then crawling underneath. By that time the scream already had happened and I found myself thrown and clinging to the wall of the other end of the room.

Brain racing for options, but in a very headless chicken way and not coming to any conclusion, hubby at the movies and so I did the very natural thing: I facebooked my distress!

Rika Nauck A huge spider just walked past my keyboard and now vanished under the laptop - yikes

... and instantly got reassurance that this spider will now house there forever. Thank you!

My research - via wireless keyboard, sitting in the middle of the room with feet up - revealed that it is quite likely to be a male on hunt for a mate. In November? you hear me scream! In my Study?

However, I had to give up. This thing was nowhere to be seen. I had an amazingly good night sleep despite a friend telling me horrid stories about spiders creeping into people's mouths, got up went into my spare room and there it was, of course right up at the top of the ceiling in a corner. Hubby had to finish his morning routine a bit in a rush - so should he be a bit smelly today, please forgive him, he had to rescue a damsel in distress - while I was watching the scary animal. Please excuse the poor photo quality, I just wasn't very keen on using the flash.

From there things went smoothly. I had decided that the poor sod deserves to live, he was a love sick bugger after all and hence excused for doing silly things. I offered hubby a choice of weapons and he safely placed him into the smaller glass and then I proudly dared carrying him downstairs into the garden. I even released him myself. I have to admit that he was not that huge, probably a late-comer of his poor old mum, and actually quite pretty. But definitely much prettier when outdoors!

Me carrying...

... the moment of truth, will I open the lid?

Yep, I did!

... and a happy ending.
(still no flash, didn't want to scare the little bugger now that all was over)

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