Tuesday 9 November 2010

Travelling Soon!

It's not a big trip, just long weekend, but I am looking so much forward to it.

I will see my friends who recently took the risk of his life, gave up is IT job and bought a wine shop only two month ago. He has organised his first big wine event and we are going! Additionally he is living in one of the most adorable towns in Germany and it will be lovely to stroll those places together with hubby.

Another place we will see is Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance to see another friend who I met when she worked at my place as a summer student. I have never been there and am keen to set my eyes on it. I hope the weather will be a bit decent. Right now it looks like a lot of rain, but in this area of Germany one never knows: usually the weather is warmer and better than the rest of it.

And of course I am hoping to test my newly gained 'ILP updates blogging freedom' as well. Thursday night we will be leaving - no need for burglars to get excited, we have a house sitter and very dangerous cats... - and I am hoping to be able to find some internet to post some first impressions by Friday night, so stay tuned.

Gotta rush now... daily chores are shouting at me.
Ta ta

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