Thursday, 18 November 2010

Proud of myself

I seem to get the hang of things. I actually wrote and published an 800 word long article within 2 hours this morning. Something which a year ago would have needed 3 days. That doesn't mean that the article on 'Meeting a Boss' is brilliant, but to be able to key down 800 words in a readable form... not too bad. I was a bit worried that I might not be able to publish something every day.

Well, I cheated a bit. Sometimes it's not the mornings but the evening that an article gets out, and sometimes I re-publish stuff from the original IL. But reading the columns of professional writers I found that they basically do the same, they either quote themselves or just refurbish an article a bit. Read the same column for a year and you will see what I mean. So what is good enough for the professionals, should be good enough for me.

And I added two new blogs, which brings the whole number up to 10! We now have 'Health & Beauty' and we have 'Lifestyle - Live & Let Live' as well. I already designed the new front page, all that is left to do is to upload it to the server which hopefully will be done by tonight.

So, off I go now to attend to some work chores, enjoy your day,

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