Monday, 22 November 2010

Hard work

I am not sure how much a writer has to write to make a living. So, I thought that one half decent pamphlet per day should do for starters, and hence I am trying to play 'writer' since a week now. It is hard work but fun, I however get awfully jealous when I publish a long article about the Erotica 2010 that is then read by 17 people - that at least is the stats so far - while a rubbish article in the Daily Mail which is probably nicked from other sources attracts a gazillion readers. It may not make the writer rich, but still...

Additionally such  a big article is throwing me off schedule a bit as well. I now understand why writers do nick from other sources. It's a wee bit exhausting to live it and then finish writing the day after to get it out in time. However the Daily mail only beat me by half a day - not too bad then.

On a different note: Who feels like Christmas already?

I know, I ask this every year, and every year I say that this time it is the worst... but it really feels like it. I don't feel like buying a Christmas tree, and I still need a few new baubles, and argh! So many things I wanted to do before Christmas and now the very next Sunday, November 28th, is the 1st Advent. So let's enjoy the period of supposed calm and relaxation and maybe just not bother.

Have a good start into the week and take it easy,

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