Thursday 30 December 2010


Whoops sorry, I am late again.

It seems that talking about hedgehogging yesterday put me into just the bubble I wanted to be, completely forgetting that I have publishing duties to fulfill.

Yes, I got started on formatting the book. I cannot believe that it is lying around since more than a year. That at least is the date on the files when I saved them last. So all I can say for now is: be prepared for an eBook to come out on Kindle at one point in the not too far future. It is still too early to say when, as I am stripping everything to plain text, whereas the original was planned to have a lot of pictures. 

As soon as the text version is working in the Kindle format I can start to see how to get illustrations and pictures (only possible in B&W) in. Once that is done I can get started on the iPad version using colour.

So, off I go quickly and get the rest of the text into the file... See you later!

Ta ta

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