Wednesday 5 January 2011

Two projects back on track!

Yeehaw! Two projects are back on track! 

After a long-ish break I was in the gym yesterday and figured out a few things which I will have to change. The sluggishness I felt was somewhat homemade and due to overtraining. I have five month to remedy the situation - oh my goodness!

The other one is the book. I at least think that I am starting to get the hang of all the e-Publishing stuff. The first version is planned to be published for Kindle readers by 7th March - which is Shrove Monday - for a reason! Cross fingers that I will make it by then. I additionally will look into an iPad version and maybe even a very basic print version - it would be too expensive otherwise - for all those who despise eBook readers. Although I like the eBook idea under a carbon neutral point of view. These devices are utterly energy efficient, and a lot of paper is saved for not printing it out.

It is amazing how the focus changes over time. At the beginning this little book was my heart and soul; I only could see it layed out in a very specific way and was not keen on changing anything. Now that it has been sitting around for more than a year and that ideas for the next one are already are cropping up, I am happy to using it to experiment with all the new media on the market. I now realise that providing various versions of different features and quality might appeal to even more people, not that I am expecting to become a bestselling author...oh well, it would be nice if I could sell at least a few, the profit of the first 1000 pieces will go to our dedicated charity Orangutan Land Trust after all. Imagine! £1 profit per download would bring in a thousand quid. That would be so brilliant!

Ha, that is even more motivation to get on with it. So let me call it a day now and work a bit more!

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