Friday 14 January 2011

Oh my...

I could title this update 'Murphy's Law' as well, but I had that already.

Reasons for the choice of title being that firstly, I had rather boring 10 years here in England, self-chosen boring, but boring nevertheless. I probably had three restaurant visits per year and a couple of parties at its best and hence had no reason to blame any weight issues on those activities. Secondly, I discovered 'hormones' and found that they are a very silly invention. On the other hand they are very convenient because one can blame a lot of things on them.

And thirdly, the first subject has changed while the second stayed the same and now I have two excuses... which is not a good thing for the mistress of unfinished stuff. Since I decided to do the Bodybuilding competition about 3/4 of a year ago, food invitations are piling up in my calendar. I have been more eating out during the past half year than the entire ten years before, meaning that now I am fatter than two years ago, oh crumbs! Moreover that so far every photo shoot opportunity cropped up during the worst time of the month when I am my most hormonal, the next one taking place tonight... crumbs again!

I am usually worried that the photographer might have certain ideas about the outcome, wants to test and practice certain things, and that I might not be able to deliver because I had to eat the silly cheese sauce, or skipped the treadmill, or that am just not that good in posing altogether.

But no excuses allowed. We need pix for later comparison anyway and dear Matt is a brilliant photographer. And I have prepared three outfits which are definitely very different from the usual and might distract from ... 'the usual'. We have two hours, let's see with what we will come up... I might want to consider sticking to water and bread at least for today, though.


  1. LOL
    Good luck "busy bee" for your shooting.

  2. Thanks Carine! Will need it ;o) Getting however really excited now.