Monday, 31 January 2011

Life's busy

My goodness me, everything has kicked in now. Training wise I am running to the gym four times a week, I found two victims to torture with my gym and free weight wisdom, dance classes with hubby are in full swing, literally!, and the sewing course demanded some homework which I completed yesterday, nothing pretty yet, but to a decent standard. I at least learned a lot.

My task for this week will be to get to bed in time. The one morning last week which I overslept really taught me a lesson, I felt so much better all day. I guess it will need some getting used to, though. Yesterday I was so tired that I considered it a good idea to start the new regime. By the time I hit the pillow I was wide awake. The body is a weird thing. I will take it as a new experiment! So, at least for a while I should not be availble on FB for a chat at night; although the computer is live I shall be shifting dreams.

And now the new week is upon us. I am wishing you all a successful and happy one.
Wishing you sweet dreams, too!

Ta ta

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