Thursday, 13 January 2011


I have been idling through the Internet yesterday. Initially I just wanted to add a few makeup links a friend had sent for the Links2Beauty page - a quite nice collection we have there now, keep it comin' ladies - when another friend sent me an email with a link for a manly jewellery. I have to say that I actually would like that thing for myself. Imagine me in boyfriend jeans, tank top and that ring - Nice! Unfortunately it's a above the limit what I would usually pay for jewellery; I can hardly resist a good pair of jeans and I can definitely not resist shoes, but jewellery... naaa! Have enough shiny stuff, and muscles look best plain anyway.

Then one thing led to another and all of a sudden I found myself browsing through the health section of that site, all 13 pages of it. I found some quite interesting links and hence added a Links2Health page to the Health&Beauty blog as well. Others I didn't put on that page, because they would have better fitted into the EROTICA article, people do invent weird stuff, but the article is brilliantly written, and so I don't want to deprive you of it.

Given all my rambling around I didn't write a proper article, though. Let's call it a maintenance day, then. H&B blog is a bit refurbished as is my desk. I got a huge new monitor and now can multitask the hell out of my computer.

... and I am wondering if online shops are actually banking of the sluggishness of people. Luckily I have a liking for big glass coasters which now have to help adjust the height of the new monitor. This thing is neither height adjustable nor can it be tilted although we specifically chose this one for said features. I am just too lazy to wrap it up, bring it to the post office and then will have to wait for another delivery, and, and, and... In those cases probably something similar to the new patent by Amazon would be nice: Exchange your gifts before you even receive them.Smart!

Have a lovely Thursday, one more day and the week is over. Yay!


PS: I just found this on my FB wall

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