Tuesday 11 January 2011

Some colour is needed

So! There we are: In the drab time of the year.

Let's get some colour in! Valentines day is coming up... not that I am a particular fan of it, but at least something is happening, and then 4th - 8th March is Carnival: That definitely is colourful! Although I am not a particular fan of that one either, and am rather happy to have escaped the German craze about it. Some offices will be deserted during that period, so be aware should you be doing business with Germans.

However, that is the date I am aiming for to get the Kindle book up on Amazon - cross fingers. My alter ego is called Columnbina and her theatrical counterpart Columbina these days is associated to the Venetian Carnival after all.

Have a wonderful day and find a bit of colour and light in it!

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