Friday, 28 January 2011

A new blog - Lucky number 13

And there is the weekend approaching! And it has a lot of work ahead for me. We have a new blog: The Seamstress

It's still a bit pale and needs some work to it, but it's a start. It's the arts and crafts section of ILP and given that I just started sewing class there will be a lot of sewing on it for now. But as I know myself there will be all sorts of stuff coming up over time. I could think of photography, painting/drawing on paper, fabric or digital, wood work, knitting/crochet, welding, DIY stuff in general...

So this weekend I have to do some sewing homework, dance lessons, and of course the gym: The moment of truth will come tomorrow when it is weighing and measuring day. This morning I put on some trousers which I haven't worn for a while, and they are horribly tight, although I fell very lean already. Please, please let it be the muscles that have grown!

Off I go now, be back on Monday. Have a fantastically successful weekend!

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