Wednesday 8 December 2010

Oi, that is great!

I admit, I watched too much of 'The Nanny' recently - this 'Oi' thing is very contagious. But that's not my point!

I am so glad that I chose Blogger as the Incredible Ladies Project's new home. I just discovered that for each blog one can have 10 additional pages to use for static information. This comes just in time for a change in the fund raising sector. Although the new approach is very reasonable money wise, it will be a bit more difficult on the inspiration side of things and will make tracing targets a bit more difficult. So I created a fundraising information page for the charity blog hoping that this will cover it at least in parts.

This page is listed as a tab at the top of the blog, with 'Home' being the original blog. This option will now open all sorts of opportunities for the other blogs and the growth of ILP. Those pages don't allow comments but that shouldn't be a problem. The blogs usually have initial posts which explain the purpose or the general trend, and which now have sunk to the bottom of the archive. Those new pages will now allow for them to stay in the lime light. So more work to be done for me to organise the ILP-landscape. Yippee, I love that!

Wrap up warm, here in Ipswich it is staying cold for the next two days, plus some rain today, some sunshine tomorrow, and cloud for the rest of the week while getting a bit warmer, well... that usually means murkier. So enjoy the sunshine tomorrow.


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