Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Thoughts on passion and compassion

It is the same as always: When I don't have the time I am full of ideas and thoughts. Work is getting crazier than ever, I get loads of ideas for articles and and now I have got my new drawing pad Bamboo touch and paint and can hardly contain myself from drawing until late at night. It is really nice and I can use the software which I own already and so far used with a mouse.

Initially the pen felt a bit weird but now it is very comfortable to use. I am not entirely sure, though, why I felt the urge to chose my big bottom as a first trial. Everybody who saw it is now kindly demanding that I deliver the top half as well. I guess it was the more artistic aspect that drove me to that drastic action. I wanted something 'skin & fabric', 'light & shade' with a not too bad contrast. And now I am hoping that I will become really good in this. Would be nice to be able to illustrate my own books, or to be able to sell pictures  to add a bit to charity money. Well, that was the other thing I have been thinking about, charity and what is the difference between compassion and sentiment.

And now I have to make my way through a week of Christmas dinners and the visit of my goddaughter's lovely sister. I will have to see how it goes with the writing and the drawing then. Wishing you nice Christmas shopping and that somebody will find something nice for you as well. 

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