Thursday 9 December 2010


This is the first day on which I am really struggling and my brain is dead empty! At least I filled in the entry form for the Anglian Bodybuilding Championships now, but for the rest of it the day job is killing any inspiration... have been sitting until half nine last night doing boring websites, and all of a sudden I am caught in this: EVERYTHING before Christmas thing...

Oh well, today I eventually will get the tooth fixed, I guess that is something to aim for before Christmas, and next Monday I will see  the nurse for vaccinations for my Sumatra trip in summer, another thing that needs to get into the pipeline as some jabs need to be done well before the trip.

So I really have to dash now. Wishing you a calm and sunny day, at least the sun rise looks beautifully clear and the forecast gives three big suns out of five, Hurrah!
Ta ta

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