Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's not a style...

... or is it?

One is wearing panda, and one is wearing poodle, or so. The panda I understand, I have a few problems to get the poodle, though. Is it meant as a tease? All the words say 'No', the clothes say, I am desperate to be different even if it looks crap, and the body language says 'yes please!' Or am I just old? Yeah, probably that's it!

What I however find truly amazing is that this blog is utterly successful. My favourite jeans brand is over the moon to be named in it, whereas the owner of the blog is having a list of articles in reputable magazines like Harper Bazar and so on...

And did you see the ambiance the pictures are taken in? Oh there it is again... envy in all shades from yellow to green. And the pictures of shoes... See, I cannot use any of that kind, I wasn't even sure if I can publish the photo of the Vogue cover, even if I took it myself. Copyright is such a confusing matter. Hence I rather use the much less puzzling method of linking to places where nice photos can be found, although this may lead to something rather baffling, indeed.

And on this note I am leaving you with 'something for the ladies'
Ta ta

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