Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas All!

Hemingway was almost as famous for his Whisky consumption as he was for his writing, and there are many others more who are known for this combination. I have no idea how the two can go together. After a lovely party at friends house with loads of booze and food I am feeling rather brain dead this morning, at least writing wise. And although I may have had some witty moments last night, I don't think that those would spark great literature.

I will have to put this down to either the fact that booze is not really for me, or that I am just not a Hemingway. Either way: I am on holidays from now on, and hence I am not feeling too bad for not writing a big article. This is the period of time for which I had promised myself to kick-start a few projects. The sewing machine needs to be cleaned for the course beginning mid January. I need to start planning for a photo shoot with Matt to get templates for my book illustrations. I have to learn how to do an eBook and I have to start thinking about a posing routine for the Bodybuilding competition. Given all that there might be no proper articles during this time but just  the daily update, like this one, except for Christmas and Boxing day, those I will take off entirely.

On that note I am now wishing you a very merry Christmas, hoping that you might find a calm moment for yourself once in a while.
Always yours

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