Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Better late than never

wintery waterfall of my fishpond
Ha! This is the first morning after I caught the cold that I feel like having a brain. Given that, I am actually rather proud that I kept posting throughout. Am a bit late today, though. Reason being that I swithched off all alarms... and promptly got woken by the telephone, oh well. Important thing is, that I got almost 9 hours and as it turns out: Sleep is the best of remedies!

I posted about this before, just that sometimes I don't listen to my own advice. This incident now showed that I better should, and not just when I am ill.

The other thing that is a really good remedy when the chesty cough kicks in is my quirky cough syrup. Tastes a bit funny but works wonders. As much as I would like to blab on: Work is calling. So, have a lovely day and keep fit!
Rika  xx

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