Monday 20 December 2010


I caught a cold, and this time a rather proper one. That is not helping with all the projects I eventually wanted to catch up with, but a cold never comes at the right time, I guess. I could live with a sore throat and a sniffling nose, the brain however goes all mushy just to a degree that one can still function somehow. These little buggers don't care how groggy we feel, keeping  us at a level of mobility that enables us to move about, and passing them on. Well, and our modern lifestyle is nicely tapping into it. I actually was already waiting for it, as I am working in an open plan office with aircon. When I heard people coughing and sneezing all over the place I already cranked up Vit C intake and resorted to Chicken soup and other healthy foods, but one evening in the pub, trying to over-shout the music and a day strolling through icy London brought me down.

Oh well, let's get it done and over with before Christmas. Today I will be working a bit from home and you may want to avoid visits to my house. I will be throwing the whole range of remedies I know at it and by end of the week things should be almost back to normal.

But remember what my Grandma used to say: A cold comes for a week, stays for a week and leaves for a week. Should you have caught it: Take it easy for a while longer, even if you are feeling all right. Otherwise you might be running right into the next one.

On that note I am wishing you a healthy week!

Haaaptchi.... sniff...

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