Monday 6 December 2010

Don't cha?

... just love the Internet? You are looking for one thing, finding another that could well be a jewel and which you never would have heard of, if not for this fantastic virtual world. Google, Facebook and Co are such wonderful resources, I cannot really comprehend why some call it a waste of time, ... oh well...

However, I had acquired some really nice backpacking boots - in a shop, one has to try those and sometimes it is more the one2one relationship with the shop attendant one is after - and because one has to do things right when shoe shopping, one gets some decent pair of socks as well. Now that we eventually had a slippery, cold and potentially feet harming weather situation I decided to break them in, finding the shoes utterly comfortable and the socks just divine. Hence my Internet search for more - socks, not shoes.

The first encounter I wish to share, is my clumsy google search leading to the find of ... tartan! Yes, dear friends, I seem to have gone bonkers, but this Scotland inspired shop has really nice fashionable things, like silk tartan garters and even bespoke tartan boots! And I am keeping the best for last - another divine find happened when reading a friend's posts on Facebook and stumbling across a post mentioning green porno. Who could have resisted clicking? It made my day!

Wishing you a good start into a new week,

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