Friday 3 December 2010

Slapstick & Chicken Soup

Nope, this is not the title of a new movie, it describes my state of mind, and hence probably the quality of my writing.

As for the slapstick, I am definitely in need of a break as my behaviour of the past two days was either clumsy, or moronic, or both. All those debilitating carryings-on may point to some sort of illness, bodily or mentally and the one remedy that always works is chicken soup, at least if one wants to believe my grandma.Given my recent state of mind I had to consult my own website to remind myself of the list of ingredients and then thought that this sort of concoction might do some good to other folks too. So here his the recipe re-published. And for the rest of it I now better stop writing and rather use the other remedy which is more suitable for the outer shell, and those darn blisters are not in a good place for typing anyway.

The hand of a moron... should you ever be in need for burn cream, be it from the oven, sunburn, radiation or other similar blistery wounds, get a French friend to bring  you Biafine (in UK it's prescription only). Nothing heals better, faster and without scars.

Enjoy icy Britain and move about safely. I did my bit of damage, so fate is out and about now to find other victims.

Ta ta!

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