Friday 17 December 2010

Just and update!

Gooooood morning, good morning, good morning everybody! Today just a quick update:

Christmas run up... getting there. This week was the week when everything would either run smoothely, or not at all and so far we are on the smoothely side of things. Made it through two Christmas dinners, and despite having them substancially extended into pub visits and Koffee-klatsches I still managed to write something every day. So very pleased with that.

I haven't been drawing all week, though, and I am really missing it. What is a good thing. This seems to be something that could become a new passion ... Sunday! Sunday I will be doing a bit of drawing... Pweeese...! Just a bit?

I still keep forgetting to take my business cards with me, which is a bit silly as this is the time of the year to meet a lot of people. Oh well,...

The blogs are becoming more and more shapely now. Since I discovered the stand alone pages I have inserted those into Live and Let Live, Bloody Hell... , Rika's Personal Blog and I will add a few more to the other blogs. I think it makes it much easier to find out what the blog is about. Hence pleased with that as well. 

The food and training side of things is a disaster, though. I am looking forward to next week when everything should be back to normal. I am getting really nervous now, but at this time of the year it is hard to find inspiration. So I will have to find it within myself, somewhere... don't have a clue where to look for it, though.

That's all for now I guess. I hope you are all on target! And don't forget: Half an hour time out with a cuppa can work wonders. It's short enough for the world not to break down around you and afterwards you will have the strength to face it again. On that note:

Tata, so long, chin up!

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