Wednesday 13 October 2010

Wifi-Blogger-Me and the Town

Hello Dears,

I cannot believe how great life can be if one only just DOES. I always felt that one never can lose even if things aren't looking good, as long as one is willing to put in some effort and learn from it.

Well, IL and my writing had reached a bit of a brick wall, but as Randy Pausch, a splendid professor of Carnegie Mellon University, once said:'Brick walls are there to show you how badly you want something'. It turned out that I wanted my IL and my writing very badly. So many thoughts I wanted to share and nowhere to put them. FB is all nice and fine, but what to do with the things needing elaboration? I am a hoarder, and one of the things I apparently like to hoard is thoughts.

I however found it difficult to sit at home with a system not allowing for easy feedback - Didn't I preach myself: 'If you want people to do something you have to make it easy for them'? And I felt trapped spending so much time on a desk while not being able to explore things in the meantime. How was I to be inspired into writing?

Guess where I am now? After yesterday's trial from my armchair I now took the trial into a wonderful coffee place: Salthouse Harbour hotel Ipswich. It's my favourite for the atmosphere, the view and the great coffee after all. I had planned for a town afternoon off to meet a friend there at 6PM, however estimated that I might have to wait a bit and hence better take the netbook with me to at least be able to write in MS-Word. As predicted I was an hour early, ordered my cappuccino, switched the netbook on, and had wifi access for free. I couldn't believe it! So now I am sitting here like in an office, can find my links on the internet and typing directly into blogger.

Loving it!

The only hiccup is that I cannot show you the view. I don't have the cable for the iPhone with me... one really can tell that I am still a newbie in this 'flexible life' thing.

So that is it really! I am a happy bunny. I can write while actually experiencing life and stay in touch with ILP. I even just found the spell check in this editor.

Life is good!


  1. Hi Rika!
    Like that place too. Didn't know it was open during the day too.
    What happened to the Cinema night?
    Hope to catch up soon.

  2. Rika

    Next time am in Ipswich I will surely visit this place :) Happy to see your new posts