Sunday 31 October 2010

5:30 PM and it's Halloween!

Oh my, made it just in time!

The house was decorated by 4 PM:

Window pumpkin in place...

... front garden pumpkin well positioned and decorated ...

... front door spider and rat enhanced ...

... sweets in place ...

... and then some cooking got in the way and I had to rush to get myself into shape.

Told you before: If there were witches I would love to be one, and Maud's Attic my favourite little boutique for accessories in Ipswich had this beautiful spider necklace which I didn't really need. But since I am scared of spiders and one has to face one's fears it was only natural to buy it. And who would be able to resist this cute little spider that sits in its web, minding its own business but on demand is all too willing to jump off and just hang on its silvery thread.

I am so in love with that thing now that at least those spiders don't bother me anymore at all. We will still have to see about the live, fast and unpredictably moving ones, though.

Well, then eventually I had got hold of a hat. For a witch the hat is an essential piece of equipment, I reckon, and when I saw this one I fell in love. It's nothing special, but I never had one before, it doesn't go floppy whatever you do to it and it somewhat suits me, don't you think?

And then it eventually got dark and I could snap my pumpkins lit. It's the moment of truth that will reveal whether or not they are scary at all.

... and then the 'Trick and Treaters' came!

Happy Halloween, Dears!

1 comment:

  1. Really nice decoration. I am not scared :)
    I am sure, you are a nice witch. You look so young on the pictures with your magic hat.
    Your necklace is funny. You just need to find a long dress to have the perfect costume for carnival next year.
    At first, I thought that "Im..." had a strange hat on her head, then I realized that it was just a suspension that you put in front of your door.