Wednesday 27 October 2010

Halloween is upon us

Did I already tell you that I LOVE Halloween? Ah, if there were witches, I would want to be one! Although I would still prefer to be born in this era rather then a few hundred years ago. And I love the pumkin carving. I know that this has nothing to do with witchcraft, but that doesn't mean that I cannot love it. I love it so much that one year I even made a movie of it:

I might however gone a bit overboard this year. I am planning to do two very big ones and about three small ones. With the big ones I was in a dilemma again, because I couldn't decide which one was nicer and the small ones I got sponsored... what could I do?

So it is 3:45 PM now and I am sitting here with a cappuccino. Once that is finished I will take a 'before' picture of the two, the other ones are still in the office and will get delivered tonight, just to show you the task ahead.

Herewith done:
... and now please excuse me: Have some carving to do!


  1. Which tools are you using? Knives, woodwork files, a cutter? How long (in average) does it take to carve one pumpkin?

  2. I am getting better now. Some years ago it took me ages, but now even a big one is done in about an hour. I have a carving set for modelling craftswork which I use for the outlines, the rest is done from a hole in the middle of the shape with a veg knife. Only when the pumpkin is very hard and big I get out the woodwork equipment :o))