Friday, 29 October 2010

Ideas, ideas, ideas!

How wonderful I am getting in full swing again! I think I will have to add a couple of more blogs to ILP.

I for example just like the idea of collecting nice and funny pictures. We used to have a picture of the week at the old IL, but to find something on a weekly basis was not working really well. With the new blog structure however we don't depend on regular updates anymore and I could start collecting pics again.

Then I think we should have a 'Health and Beauty' blog and a more general gallery... I just can't stop myself, can I?

However, life is rather good. The very odd back pain, seems to reside... one doesn't know really... that's the odd thing about it. It comes and goes as it pleases and now seems to have turned almost every muscle into being a bit tense. I think it is some flu bug causing this; I heard others complaining about weird aches, too. Guess it's a matter of sitting it out.

This morning I had a first light gym session, mood lifted by a photoshoot with Matt Fidler one of my official supporters for the Bodybuilding challenge. We wanted to do this since summer and eventually we had this first shoot to experiment a bit and get ideas for further projects. So soon I will have a few new pix to share!

Then there is the office cake party in the afternoon; the office is decorated with the pumpkins since last night and I am keen to see if they liked it. Well and at night I will go out with my dear friend Imola who did her exam and is now a happy bunny. We need to celebrate and catch up on things.

After this rather busy day I am hoping to work a bit more on ILP during the weekend. If you feel that I missed a subject let me know!

Have a lovely weekend,

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