Sunday 9 September 2012

Wet Fairies and The Last of Summer

Today is the day! ... the officially last day of summer 2012.

My fairy garden is now slowly going down. The tall grasses and rambling clovers are toppling over and I had to cut them down, leaving my little surprise sunflower somewhat exposed. Well, one can easily see where it is coming from. In the other part however, to which the flowering weeds had migrated to, there is still a bit of fairy bloom. It is still humming from bees and hover flies and the odd butterfly is tumbling along.

This morning however the fairies got a wet rear. When feeding the birds I realised the fog hanging in front of my face. The air was nice and fresh, yet smelled like autumn and all the spider webs had little droplets hanging in them.

And now the weather forecast is telling me that it is getting cold and rainy. Really! NOW?

This Thursday my mum is coming over from Germany and I have planned for a wonderful program... I cannot have rain! At least not lots of it. And I cannot have it for my motorcycle lessons either. 

I am expecting respect from the weather Gods for my projects! Well, I don't think it was meant to last, it's just that I have come round to a few things recently and it would be nice to pursue them a bit further without having to fight the weather.

And it's not just the weather - it's the greyness that comes with it. I don't want it to creep into my head trying to make all my bright ideas look miserable. Oh well, at least my cats are enjoying the last of the summer, and the fairies? They will have to put some warmer knickers on.

Bye bye Fairy Garden

... and 'Hello' Christmas!

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