Saturday 14 April 2012

A headfull of thoughts

I am sitting in my hotel room in Medan ( North Sumatra) and tomorrow morning I will fly back home after two weeks of jungle in Tangkahan. I am getting a bit sleepy now, couldn't help myself and facebooked for two hours. More than a shower I seem to have missed a fast internet connection. I however don't want to leave before having posted a few pictures.

So much has happened and so many thoughts have been collected that I have to write about this when I am coming home. I had a wonderful time and I have been accepted into the community. The people of Tangkahan need so much help and I have so many ideas... thus I am planning to go back, probably in January.

Maybe by then we will have Internet in Tangkahan and can post directly from there.
Here are a few impressions from my trip.

Tangkahan English School and their slightly exhausted teacher

So happy to see Augustin, the elephant lady we were riding last year!

Dancing at a Karonese wedding

meeting my brothers Bimbim...
... and Ika again, so happy to see them!
 and found another little friend: she has a baby in the roof of my lodge and has no idea how to get it down.

More later, I am breaking down. Night night dears. See you tomorrow in England.

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