Friday 20 January 2012

A bit blurry...

It's raining... continuously... that means things are grey... actually, they are more beige...

I am not doing too badly, though. Just...that yesterday I had a buzzing day at work, maybe even one of my most successful 'work' work days in this job and today I feel a bit 'black hole'-ish after all the focus of the past two weeks is not needed anymore. I would have enough other things to focus on... like learning for my personal trainer stuff... or going to gym... or working for my own business... just not feeling like it.Well, and the weather is not helping.

Hence I am rather sitting here and writing a blog post with loads of '...' in it. So before I bore you to death I should better point you to an article which I wrote for a friend's blog. It was published a few days ago by RAW the travel agent I went to Sumatra with. It's wrapping up nicely what was and gives an outlook of what hopefully will be.

So, for now I wish you a lovely weekend and a lot of focus!

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