Friday 1 April 2011

Another Thursday night

Ok, it’s Thursday again and I remembered to bring the netbook to sewing class, yay! So again I am sitting in my car writing to kill some time until lesson will start. I am still on the toile, so no news there, but I got the DVD from the last photo shoot and the photos are looking good. Turns out that I have to see how to use the dresses, or I even may have to dispose of them… at least on the photos something is not quite right.

The shoulder bits look a bit flimsy now... who would have thought?
And I definitely need a tan for that one

I actually quite like that one - it's the comfiest dress ever, but Bob wasn't convinced either.
He hated the handbag that goes with the shoes, so I tested the green on green - with black or beige shoes maybe?

… and turns out that I still have to learn a lot in regard to posing. It seems to be much easier to model black, as soon as things are getting multicoloured some skill is asked for. Patterns make lines vanish and if arms and body are not properly separated by a gap one looks like a big blob.

Not good! ... and stiff like a log...

... better, but coats tend to pull creases, the jeans are a too dark wash, the shoes are too red, 
and tight jeans don't work in photos if they aren't pulled down straight... Hmmm?!?!

... crop the bottom bit off ... well, it works! I do like the coat!
Dresses are similarly tricky if they are shifting. It looks weird when the dress looks straight while the model is in profile and visa versa. Again: Hmmm?!?!

Oh were to put those darn arms?
Get some posture girl! Straighten your back!

Well, that is why we do those shoots, right? To figure out stuff like this. So here is to what is working: Leather jacket!

Gotta go dears, stichwork is calling for me. Will add a few photos and post tomorrow. Oh my silly computer wants to reboot… I hate it when they do this. So I will just shut it off  and hence up now.

Ta ta

PS: Keep an eye on my PicasaWeb will post the rest of the pics during the weekend

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