Saturday, 9 October 2010

Official Start of the Incredible Ladies Project

As of today Incredible Ladies Project will be my new thing! I have been using the term here and there before, but a few things needed sorting before making it official.

Incredible Ladies Project is now a collection of blogs whith this one being the diary part of it. The various blogs will only vaguely mirror the sections of the original IL site and I will build blogs as we go along... hence the term 'project' in the name.

The most important thing to to find out before official lauch, was how to save the content so that I can rebuild the blog should it get lost. Today I figured it out and here we are.

The blogs we have so far are:
and of course the original site
is still online to look up recipes and other stuff until I will have it re-posted in one of the new blogs.

The next task will be to build an overview page showing all the blogs with short descriptions to easily choose from. I might need a bit of time for this, though. I so much would like to see if I can do something at least a little bit fancy.

I am hoping that this concept will make things more lively, that you can subscribe to only the parts you are actually interested in and not having to read through the rest of it, and I am hoping that you might be dropping the one or the other comment.

If you would like me to post an article on something: I am happy to test my writing skills on your challenge. This blog is the best place to leave me notes of this kind.

And now I am wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend, hoping that you will like the idea that ILs are back!


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